The Ansible Network provides a communication channel for community
managers to stay in touch with their core team and interact
with their volunteers to help take the headache out of helping people.

The foundation of collaboration
is open and easy communication.

The Ansible Network brings small organizations
together in a common space to promote cross-pollination
of audiences and skills for compounded benefit to everyone.


A very special Slack team

Customized and improved by a coalition of community leaders.

Built on a great platform

Slack is a messaging app trusted by teams small to large. They even made a snappy little video to help explain why it's so great.

Make sure you're heard

Don't bury your messages in an inbox under a string of impossible to follow forwards, CCs, and all those marketing emails we all love.

Safe and clean

We've published a Code of Conduct, Harassment Policy, and built some custom tools to help maintain a safe environment for collaboration free from harassors, bigots, and trolls.

Branded invitation portal

Every organization that joins gets it's own branded invitation portal. We don't want your members to feel as though they're being sent somewhere unexpected or unendorsed.

Private conversations

Collaboration is great, but you're still going to need a quiet place for you to talk to your core team. With Private Groups, you can invite who you want and keep your internal chatter private.

Increase your audience

The whole idea here is cross-pollination. We want members of one organization to see what's happening all the other orgs in town.


Dev Workshop is a community focused workshop series and annual conference focusing on hands-on education for those who have exited a traditional university or job leaving them without the skills they need to get another job. Their mission is to take adults from "almost ready to job ready."

The Open Indy Brigade is Indy's local Code for America chapter provides a central hub of those interested in using open data and open-source development to improve their communities.

Girl Develop It is an international organization, that exists to provide affordable and accessible programs to women who want to learn software development through mentorship and hands-on instruction.

Indy Open Hardware is a community focused on learning, sharing, and working with open hardware concepts and tools. Whether it's sharing Arduino sketches, learning PCB layout design, or showing off our latest electronics and arts integration, Indy Open Hardware is the place for Makers.

Tina Roth Eisenberg started CreativeMornings in 2008 out of a desire for an accessible event for New York’s creative community. Free of charge and open to anyone.CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. Since then, it has grown to 139 chapters around the world.

Indy Art | Media Co-op is a collective of artists, community builders, and professionals who focus their ideas, talents, and resources to encourage positive change in the greater Indianapolis area. We exist to promote equality and economic sustainability for independent workers, artists, neighborhoods, and socially-conscious organizations.

Dive Club is a small social experiment aimed at patronizing Indy's dive bars to bring some balance to the high-end gastropubs multiplying at great speed in the city.

Rules: Start at 7 PM and end at 10 PM. Spend no more than $10 on booze. Pay in cash and tip well. Bring a dive buddy. Respect the space and all house rules.